About us.

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We’ve been at this for over 20 years; concepting, writing, designing, directing and illustrating solutions for a select bunch of great clients.

For the first 15 years or so we ran our studio out of loft space in Seattle’s trendy SODO district, long before its current glamour. It was great, but the long commute to the North was eating our brains. We spent most weekends escaping to places like Whidbey where we both grew up, or up the area’s rivers and mountains to recharge our creative juices.

A little over eight years ago we moved our studio and ourselves to Whidbey Island where the creative juice flows like a wind pushed spring tide. There’s a thriving art scene up here, some great food and very small schools, traffic is light and traffic lights are rare. Yes the studio is some 2,400 miles North of L.A., but it’s only roughly 60 miles North of Seattle, and being up here has helped us create some of our best work yet for the likes of BDA, the Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle BioMed, Pacific Horticulture Magazine and Attachmate among many others.

Besides, who hasn’t dreamt of pulling up stakes to live on a quiet island just outside the rat race.

Best regards,
Scott and Kerry